Password Management - Easy AND Free!

  • Published in Insights

If you've ever had a desk and monitor covered in sticky notes scribbled with passwords to your online accounts, or had that same yellow note pad tucked in your desk drawer for years with all your sensitive online credentials practically out in the open, or worse, you use the SAME PASSWORD for every website... then LastPass is your new best friend.

LastPass is a password management application where you literally only have to remember ONE master password. That's where they get their name, because it's the "last password" you'll have to remember. Their free service gives you unlimited storage for secure passwords and notes, automatic backup and sync, automated filling of logins and forms and automatic secure password generation. Whenever you need to log into a website saved in LastPass, their browser plugin will detect your saved passwords and fill them in for you... no more remembering multiple passwords, no more sticky notes and no more unsecurely using the same password for every website account!

LastPass also works on iOS and Android mobile devices, syncing your passwords accross all devices. Multifactor authentication, via Google's 2-Step Verification, is also supported by LastPass, adding even more security to your accounts. A paid Premium version is available at only $12 per year that allows you to securely share passwords with other LastPass users, even allowing you to hide the passwords from the shared users so they can't actually see it, but can still auto-fill it into most login forms. An Enterprise version is also available for businesses that need even more features and controls.